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TYPO3 - this is our daily life, our passion and our passion. That is what makes us in2code! Since 2010, we have been managing TYPO3 projects in the enterprise, SMB and academic sectors, benefiting from our many years of experience in different scales and challenges. We currently employ 30 smart people who work on complex projects every day and solve seemingly impossible challenges. Over the years, this has resulted in more than 50 freely available extensions and over 700 successfully implemented web projects.

We are all the more proud to be a Platinum member of the association. Our colleagues and employees are actively involved in the board, video and typo3.org team, as well as in the organisation of the TYPO3 Usergroup Munich and TYPO3camp Munich.

An important factor in our career with TYPO3 is also the development of our own products. We provide our customers with TYPO3 solutions that we have developed ourselves and that we are constantly developing and maintaining.

We live TYPO3

Of course we make our money with TYPO3, but that is not the only reason why TYPO3 is so important to us. In the spirit of the Open Source idea, we are happy to support TYPO3 in various areas and in this way ensure that we will have enough to do for a long time to come.

We are involved in

TYPO3 Association - we support
TYPO3 community - we organise
TYPO3 extensions - we develop

Learn more www.in2code.de/die-in2code-gmbh/wir-leben-typo3/

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Academic Hero

Academic Hero is an offer of Brain Appeal GmbH

Learn more > www.academic-hero.de


The digital world is complex. Alone on the road, it is easy to lose track of the digital transformation. We accompany you on your way into the digital age as your digital experience guide. 

Our agile teams design, develop and support diverse digital solutions. We have been successfully advising business customers and public administration for more than 15 years. With our experience and comprehensive expert knowledge, we guide your company into the digital future. We are supported by agile working methods, open source technologies and a cooperative partnership. Our strengths include a user-centered approach coupled with a high level of technological expertise. 

Websites of universities and colleges contain extensive content and require complex functionalities. Nevertheless, they must be uncomplicated and easy to use for editors. The open source content management system TYPO3, among others, fulfills these requirements perfectly, as it can be individually adapted to the complex challenges of organizations in education and research.

We support you in the realization of a technologically up-to-date and modern TYPO3 solution. Together with you, we take the path from conception to project planning to the technical development of your high-quality university portal. In doing so, we draw on our many years of experience in CMS development with the open source technology TYPO3.

For more information, please visit www.dmk-ebusiness.de or contact us at www.dmk-ebusiness.de/kontakt.


queo GmbH

Those who have the courage to question the status quo challenge and can change. That's why we believe in the power of challenges. Just like our customers. Exciting questions are the first step to setting off together: to the next level, to the status queo.

We are both an agency and a service provider for software development. 200 queos design and implement brand communication and campaigns, websites and portals as well as individual software solutions. By thinking communication and technology together, we develop interlocking solutions.

We have been successfully implementing TYPO3 applications for almost 20 years and are proud to be one of the few certified Platinum Partners (link: typo3.org/project/association/members/platinum), which makes us one of the top TYPO3 agencies in Germany.

In addition to our expertise in software development, we are also a reliable and competent partner in university marketing. We support renowned clients such as HafenCity University, Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences and the University of Potsdam from strategic planning to brand development and effective digital communication.

Our goal is to offer customized and holistic solutions that meet the individual requirements of our clients.

Learn more at: www.queo.de/de

Gold Sponsors

KM2 >>

We create digital attention - with this mission statement KM2 >> acts as a strategic partner. Our passion is to make our customers and their brands visible on the Internet - to help their products and services gain digital attention.

More digital attention with KM2 >>

This is what we have been doing as a digital agency for over 23 years; with great passion, expertise and reliability. As a digital agency, we offer you a wide range of services from complementary areas. These services intertwine to ensure visibility and reach.

Our TYPO3 commitment

Influenced by our commitment to open source principles, we at KM2 >> leverage the strengths of TYPO3 to develop robust digital solutions. With TYPO3, we rely on a dynamic framework that enables customization, scalability and security. This strategic synergy of open source philosophy and TYPO3 expertise enables us to develop digital platforms that impress with functionality and reliability, ensuring that your online presence stands the test of time.

Our client list includes prestigious educational institutions such as Hochschule Ruhr-West, the Hochschule für Technik Stuttgart (as FGTCLB) or the Technische Akademie Wuppertal. By strengthening their digital presence, we reflect their academic excellence in the digital domain.

We are proud to support TYPO3 in particular as a sponsor of many events and are also TYPO3 Gold Members. These values are also shared by the members of our agency network FGTCLB, of which we are co-founders. Consequently, the FGTCLB is also a TYPO3 Platinum Member.

Feel free to visit us at km2.de/digitalagentur/typo3 and learn more about KM2 >> and our TYPO3 know-how.

Pagemachine AG

Successful software projects need three things: well thought-out concepts, functioning technology and a project management that always keeps track. 
We offer this from one source. We develop and maintain websites based on TYPO3 and stand-alone applications, which we realize e.g. with Symfony, Vue or Go. 
Since 2004 we have been realizing projects with TYPO3 with currently 18 permanent employees in the areas of project management, concept, design, programming, online marketing and SEO.
Our project managers are experienced Product Owners (PSPO) and Scrum Masters (PSM). This allows us to react quickly and flexibly to new requirements.

Our customers include larger medium-sized companies in the technology and service sectors as well as public clients in the university sector. As a reliable partner, we have mostly been serving them for years, and our customers particularly appreciate our open and honest communication at eye level.

We support students through lectures, internships, bachelor theses.
Miklos Weiszhaupt has been a TYPO3 lecturer at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences since 2011. This is how we inspire students for TYPO3 and last but not least often for a career at Pagemachine.
Every year, several students complete their mandatory internship with us. Many of them write their Bachelor Thesis at Pagemachine.
Together with professors and students of the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, we research new technologies in the areas of Web Real Time Communication (WebRTC) and AI. These projects are funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection.
More info at www.pagemachine.de

+Pluswerk AG

Learn more at: www.pluswerk.ag



University of Applied Sciences

Schöfferstraße 3 | 64295 Darmstadt
Venue: building C19


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